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Cantina Il Ponte




The company was founded in 1988 when Cesare and Adelina decide to buy a ruin with the idea of ​​exploiting the splendid and rich land of the Maremma, and at the same time stay next to the sea. The Bridge definitely extends over rich terrain. In his first years of life he gave the grapes from his own vineyard to the “Cooperative of Capalbio”.

Subsequently, through a family pact it was decided to set up on their own

thus giving rise to the adventure of producing wines and oil.

In addition to direct sales, with an on-site shop and an e-shop, they are carried out

guided tours of the cellar and wine and oil tastings. For  the little ones and whoever it was interested in visiting the countryside, they organize guided walks, among vineyards and animals. Furthermore, it is possible to rent the splendid farmhouse.

On the official page you can find more information about the products and the company.


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