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Discovering the Mediterranean scrub of Capalbio

The Maremma region offers, in any period of the year, a mild climate and a fascinating landscape. The Mediterranean scrub that characterizes the hills of Capalbio is very rich and varied. It will be easy for you to recognize it thanks to a symphony of bitter, sweet and resinous smells that will surprise you.

To observe and discover the Mediterranean scrub of Capalbio you do not have to follow specific itineraries because here you can find it everywhere. Just do not rush and pause to look and smell better and more closely the many plants that characterize it.

The best way to discover this important heritage that nature gives us, is to organize an excellent picnic in the pine forest. Your children will be even more enticed to know the plants and will learn to protect and respect them. All your senses will be stimulated, in fact touching the leaves of trees such as holm oak: you will notice how hard and rough they are, a feature that the plant needs to grow and survive without difficulty. But watch out for thorns! In the areas closest to the beach, where the Mediterranean scrub is less thick and lower, you can observe numerous species of plants among which juniper, rosemary and especially myrtle stand out. Pick up its black berries, store them until autumn, and try to get the fantastic myrtle-flavored digestive liqueur.

Going further and further into the lush Mediterranean scrub of Capalbio, you will encounter taller trees such as cork oaks, whose bark is very hard and resistant, and the famous strawberry trees, fruit trees whose red and rough berries are perfect for preparing jams and liqueurs.

It is recommended to enter this natural system so wild and at times impenetrable with long pants and closed shoes. Bring a backpack with you and enjoy a nice regenerating bath or a simple walk on the beach not far from the vegetation.

A very interesting multisensory trip awaits you in the wild woods of Capalbio!


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