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Fall in Capalbio

Autumn is the perfect season for those who love to practice sports closely linked to nature, such as trekking or cycling. Capalbio offers beautiful landscapes which during the autumn months are colored in red, yellow and orange, creating a truly unique atmosphere! Its hills, sprinkled with vineyards and olive groves, are the perfect place to hike thanks to the numerous nature trails accessible to everyone.

September, October and November are months in which the city is less crowded, so take the chance to discover the wonders of this territory in total tranquility: its nature, its colors, its scents.

Visiting the ancient village of Capalbio is a must in any season!

The colors in fall can make the beauties of this country even more evocative: the Aldobrandesco castle, the Church of San Nicola, Palazzo Collachioni and the Oratorio della Provvidenza are unmissable. Even the Tarot Garden seems warmer and more welcoming and the statues fit perfectly into the Maremma hilly landscape. Be inspired by your imagination while visiting this amazing open-air museum!

The autumn months offer unique opportunities to discover Capalbio in a way that you would not be able to do during the rest of the year. You can attend and join some activities that characterize this magical season such as the harvesting of seasonal local products and then taste them in local fairs. Don’t worry recipes are cooked according to the tradition. Porcini mushrooms, truffles, chestnuts and olives are just some of the delicacies you can enjoy! During the Sagra del Cinghiale (Wild Boar Festival), which takes place in the second week of September in the historic center of Capalbio, you will have the opportunity to taste different dishes based on wild boar, accompanied by an excellent glass of wine and artistic, musical and local handicraft stands.


September is the month par excellence in which the grape harvest begins, giving life to a genuine wine that will accompany all your meals, in an atmosphere of great celebration and conviviality that distinguishes the Capalbio community.



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