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Lake Burano Nature trails

If come on holiday to Capalbio, you cannot miss a walking excursion to the Nature Reserve of Lake Burano, a real natural paradise for many species of birds. The volunteers and experts of WWF, the organization that has managed this internationally important protected area since 1980, dedicate their passion and professionalism every day to the protection of the flora and fauna that live in this environment.

Lake Burano is a body of water of coastal origin and is the perfect example of how Maremma can offer unique and wonderful landscapes, in full respect of the environment and nature. The reserve can only be visited through excursions organized by the WWF visitor center, which makes available to tourists a series of nature trails fully accessible. Paths are suitable also for people with disability. The trails are equipped with observation decks and watchtowers from which you can practice birdwatching activities, observing a wild world characterized by a varied and spectacular flora made of common reed and common water hyacinth that surround the shores of the lake. You will also be surprised by the wide variety of wild animals among which coots, herons, cranes, northern pintail and many other marsh birds stand out. Among the mammals hiding in the sandy dunes and the dense Mediterranean scrub you can see porcupines, badgers, foxes, weasels, beech martens and skunks.

The uncontaminated environment of Lake Burano houses also several species of butterflies such as the monarch butterfly, the african death’s-head hawkmoth and the Lelya Cenosa, a small night butterfly whose caterpillar feeds on the common reed. Inside the reserve there is also a wonderful butterfly garden, which you will have the opportunity to visit joining the educational tour.


Leaving the dense vegetation, you will find the beach where walking in total tranquility and being enchanted by the sparkling water.

The best seasons to visit Lake Burano Nature Reserve are autumn and spring. These months are perfect to discover this wonderful environment where the sky, the sea, the vegetation, the pond and the fauna merge into a visual set of infinite beauty.




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