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Mount Amiata: ideal in every season

Mount Amiata is the highest relief of the Tuscan Anti-Apennines and was originated from an ancient volcano whose last eruption seems to date back 180,000 years.

Any season is perfect for visiting Mount Amiata as it offers numerous outdoor experiences and activities suitable for all and is only just over an hour and a half from Capalbio.

In summer, fun is guaranteed thanks to the many adventure parks that Mount Amiata hosts such as Acrobatic Indiana Park, where you can experience the adrenaline-pumping descent to the ground with a pulley. Within the wild protected natural areas, it is possible to observe numerous species of animals and enjoy suggestive landscapes characterized by hot springs, streams and ponds. The Amiata Mines Museum National Park offers the chance to visit the fascinating mines using the original miners’ trains of the time.

Spring is the perfect season for trekking and hiking activities that will lead you to discover a dense network of paths that can be traveled both on foot and on horseback but also by mountain bike.

The most famous nature trail is the Mount Amiata Ring route, a beautiful itinerary about 30 km long that follows the entire perimeter of the mountain. Despite the effort you cannot give up reaching the summit, where the 22-metre-high monumental iron cross, made by the Sienese craftsman Zalaffi, was placed.


In Autumn the trees are colored with warm shades of red, orange and yellow that will give you spectacular scenarios in which to immerse yourself and get excited. Mount Amiata is home to wonderful old chestnut woods perfect to visit in September and October. Only here you can taste the exquisite chestnut of the Amiata PGI. The mighty chestnut trees create 7 nature trails that take the name of “Strada della Castagna” (Chestnut Route) and walking through them will make you enter even more into the heart of this magnificent territory. In this period, you cannot miss the Mushroom Festival in Bagnoli and the Chestnut Festival in Arcidosso.

Mount Amiata is sprinkled with small medieval villages that deserve to be visited, especially during the periods when the major local events take place such as the Evocative Festival of Arts and Crafts in Radicofani, the Medieval Festival in Abbadia San Salvatore, the Palio delle Sante in Santa Fiora and the Tappeto Floreale in Saragiolo.

Winter is the favorite season to experience the mountains and the one that most characterizes it: snow! The renowned ski area of Mount Amiata offers 20 km of slopes and 8 ski lifts where you can practice alpine skiing and cross-country skiing. During the Christmas period Amiata takes on a fairytale aspect when torchlight and bonfires illuminate the squares of the main villages.


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