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The Rocca Aldobrandesca of Capalbio

The imposing Rocca Aldobrandesca is a real symbol of Capalbio  and you will see it towering from the highest point of the historic center. The elegant stately palace, known as Palazzo Collacchioni, is flanked by a tower that forms the original nucleus of the entire architectural complex. Its top is characterized by a crenellated terrace on which you can climb and enjoy a wonderful full panorama that sweeps over the surrounding hills up to the sea.

The historic residence has medieval origins and has also belonged to the Abbey of the Tre Fontane in Rome. During the 1200s, it passed to the Aldobrandeschi family and, after a short stay under the Orsini di Pitigliano family, it was conquered by the Sienese, who renovated it, giving its current appearance.

Palazzo Collacchioni is an elegant Renaissance-style building that is spread over three levels. On the main façade there is a highly decorated portal that leads to an internal courtyard, where there is a well that served to collect water in the underground cistern below.


Inside the noble structure there are numerous period furniture, including the precious Conrad Graf piano played by Giacomo Puccini during his stays in Capalbio.



Visiting the Rocca Aldobrandesca is a must for those who decide to spend their holidays in this enchanting village. On the ground floor of the building, you will find the tourist information office where you can buy the ticket, paying a symbolic donation, and enjoy a guided tour service complete with information material about Capalbio and its surroundings.

The historic palace of the municipality of Capalbio houses numerous events related to the tradition and history of this ancient village and some exhibitions of contemporary art and historical art. A further curiosity about this fortress dates back to 1989 when the building was used by director Duccio Tessari as a film set to shoot most of the scenes of the film C’era un castello con 40 cani with Peter Ustinov and Salvatore Cascio.

We are sorry but Palazzo Collacchioni, with the exception of the ground floor, is not accessible to people with motor disabilities


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