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Traditional Maremma gastronomy

Capalbio’s gastronomy includes typical dishes of the Maremma tradition, close to the life of the ancient times and prepared with local raw materials: from simple dishes related to peasant history, such as acquacotta, a soup based on vegetables, bread and eggs, to richer dishes such as game dishes mainly based on wild boar, an animal widely spread in the neighboring woods, like the pappardelle with a tasty wild boar sauce, up to fish dishes, such as Caldaro, an unforgettable dish based on smooth fish and shellfish offered by the sea that bathes the Tyrrhenian coasts.

The wines produced in Capalbio are perfect as an accompaniment to local delicacies: the delicate white wine goes perfectly with aperitifs and fish dishes, while the full-bodied red goes well with the TSG wild boar sausage and the Pecorino Toscano PDO produced in the Maremma region.

The wine is flanked by the prestigious PGI olive oil, an oil with excellent nutritional qualities with a fruity flavor and full of aroma, whose taste is in perfect balance between spicy and bitter. There are several varieties of olives, distinguished in: Frantoiano, Leccino and Moraiolo, whose crushing presents on the market multiple types, such as: Extra virgin olive, monoculture, organic and pitted.

Equally important is the production of preserves, honeys and liqueurs, ideal for the accompaniment of local cheeses; another characteristic product are vegetables in oil, especially Artichokes in TSG oil.

Shops in Capalbio, as well as selling these delicacies, offer the possibility of buying sauces and soups in order to take home a tasty memory of this beautiful land.


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