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Walking through the hills of Capalbio

The hills of Capalbio are a protected natural area of Tuscany for their limestone landscape dotted with Italian oak woods and ancient vineyards and olive groves. Any season is perfect to discover this fascinating territory thanks to the numerous excursions and walks that are organized on site.

In summer, the hilly landscape becomes even more magical thanks to the endless expanses of sunflowers that begin to bloom towards the beginning of June. Capalbio is surrounded by a lush countryside that in summer turns yellow, alternating with the gold of the wheat ears. The atmosphere is unique and very suggestive, and you are bound to take some souvenir photos. Sunflower is a very ancient flower that can reach up to 4 meters in height; it is one of the most popular and painted flowers by painters as well as a symbol of brightness and love.

Moving away from the summer season to enter the autumn season, you will see many strawberry trees ripen, a typical plant of the Mediterranean scrub with beautiful white or red flowers, which give life to exquisite fruits from which jams and drinks are also obtained. If you are lucky, among the trees now full of strawberry fruits, you can admire the splendid “vicious” butterfly of Capalbio, also called “Ninfa del Corbezzolo” (Strawberry tree Nymph). This magnificent specimen is one of the most beautiful and largest butterflies that exist in Italy. It is a species that loves the woods of Capalbio and you will recognize it thanks to its orange wings with green and blue reflections.

Another peculiarity of this fascinating territory are the spontaneous orchids of the Argentario. The uncultivated countryside and glades found on the edge of the Mediterranean scrub are the perfect place where these species of local orchids are born during spring. You will only enjoy this one-of-a-kind natural spectacle if you are very attentive and armed with patience: these beautiful flowers take almost 15 years to bloom and do so only in particular conditions of the ground. So open your eyes and keep your camera in hand but be careful not to catch them, it is absolutely forbidden!


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