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Wild Boar Festival

The Maremma is a region deeply linked to its origins and is rich in traditions. Among these, we cannot fail to mention the historic Sagra del Cinghiale (Wild Boar Festival) which takes place every year in Capalbio during the second week of September.

Since 1965 the Organizing Committee for the Sagra del Cinghiale has been setting up the splendid medieval village of Capalbio and preparing it to host a moment of great celebration, which attracts many people, curious to taste numerous typical dishes and much more. The wild boar festival has now become an unmissable event during the Capalbio summer where every visitor can let himself get carried away by the scents and colours of the ancient Maremma traditions.

During the festival it will be possible to taste some delicious culinary recipes such as: cinghiale alla cacciatora (wild boar cacciatore), the typical cured meat “ammazzafegati”, grilled wild boar, polenta and the “acquacotta” soup; visitors ca also enjoy numerous entertainment shows such as the Butteri (Cowboys).

In honor of the 55th edition of this famous festival which took place just last year, the location has changed and moved a few meters from the historic center, in a large space surrounded by the luxuriant Mediterranean scrub: the Circolo Cavalcanti di Maremma. This made it possible to comply with all safety measures imposed by the health emergency and allowed the organizers to welcome all visitors curious to learn about the ancient traditions that belong to the culture of this wonderful area. It is nice to see how even the younger generations are committed to transmitting the memory of their ancient origins.

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