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The beaches of Capalbio

The beaches of Capalbio offer the opportunity to spend a holiday made of sun, nature and tranquility without sacrificing any kind of comfort. In fact, in Capalbio there is a single beach that extends for 12 kilometers, where the various stretches differ in the services offered, depending on whether it is a free beach or a beach resort.

It is a coastline suitable for everyone, children and adults alike, and surrounded by dense Mediterranean scrub: a peculiarity is that the sand tends to be darker in color near the promontory of Ansedonia and clearer going down towards “Il Chiarone”.

The first of the accesses to the sea of Capalbio beach is Playa La Torba (the one closest to the promontory), characterized by dark sand. Here there are several beach resorts and several stretches of free beach. Walking you can reach the foot of the promontory and visit the Tagliata Etrusca and the Spacco della Regina.

The Tagliata Etrusca is an extraordinary engineering work of Roman origin, designed to avoid the cover-up of the ancient port of the city of Cosa: it is a series of canals whose remains can be still admired.

The Spacco della Regina is instead a natural channeling in the rock which has given rise to numerous legends: it is said that religious rites were practiced here, or that Queen Ansedonia used to bathe here, far from prying eyes; it seems that the queen loved this place so much so she hid a precious treasure never found again. With a torch and suitable shoes, you too can visit this suggestive place.

Proceeding towards the border with the Lazio coast it is the beach of Macchiatonda, a wild beach, but at the same time renowned for its cleanliness and where the WWF Oasis is located. Going down further we find Il Chiarone stretch where the famous beach resort L’Ultima Spiaggia is set, frequented by national celebrities from show business and political life.

The variety of Capalbio’s beaches makes it the ideal destination for all sea lovers.




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