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Visit to the Tarot Park

A day of magic and discovery at the Tarot Park. An enchanted place designed by the French-American artist Niki de Sant-Phalle, the perfect place to amaze young and old, with the imposing colorful statues that catapult you into another world made of fantastic stories and stories.

A real open-air museum unique in the world, in which the sculptures “dialogue” with the natural landscape that surrounds them. The artist’s intention was not to provide guided tours or pre-established itineraries to leave maximum freedom of movement to the visitor.

The Tarot Park is a path in which the little ones are free to space with fantasy, to play and touch the different materials and textures of the statues, discovering new things. Separating the magical world from the real one, you will find a wall and a tuff entrance door designed by the architect Mario Botta. Once you have exceeded this symbolic “threshold” inside, you can admire the statues up to 15 meters high, representing the twenty-two major arcana.

Given the nature and delicacy of the works, the Tarot Park is open only a few months a year in limited time slots and for a small number of visitors: children under 7 years old get in free, while full price varies from 7 to 12 euros.

All you have to do is put your backpack on your shoulder and go on a new adventure! One of the many that you can live in Capalbio.


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